The reliable and affordable desktop Pick & Place machine for every workshop. Assemble your own PCB prototypes in house.


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The Chipsetter ONE satisfies the needs of today’s electronics developers. Fast Setup, Accurate Placement with Vision, and Affordability make the Chipsetter ONE the tool to help developers overcome the final barrier to Rapid Circuit Assembly.

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The Chipsetter ONE features two built-in cameras to ensure accurate placement of components as small as 0402s. A top-down camera inspects and corrects any misalignment in the circuit board, while the bottom-up camera inspects and corrects any misalignment of held components. 

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Fast setup 

Our low-cost feeders are a snap to attach anywhere on the machine, but how does the machine know where they are? Cameras! Our built-in camera system automatically detects feeder locations, sparing the operator from hours of tedious manual setup.

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low cost feeders

To solve the setup time problem we had to go back and re-think feeders. Our solution was an economical feeder design that uses mass-produced parts. The resulting solution allows you to own one feeder per reel in your inventory, making swapping reels in and out of feeders a thing of the past.

Chipsetter One Low Cost Pick and Place
"This is the closest I’ve seen to a pick and place machine designed to bridge the gap between contract manufacturers and hackerspaces."


The Chipsetter ONE will dramatically shorten your design cycle while reducing the cost of prototyping