Our goal is to democratize the electronics playing field  


We began this project after assembling many, many circuit boards over the past 10 years. Shrinking SMT device sizes, combined with new access to affordable prototype PCB fabrication services meant we were developing more circuit boards than ever, and constantly experiencing the pain of manual assembly. Our survey of available solutions revealed existing desktop equipment was either too expensive, or unreliable. We needed something better, and we knew all of the electronics developers just like us needed it too. So we decided to do something about it.

Inspired by desktop 3D printing, we set out to create a useful and affordable tool. We knew that to be useful it would need to actually save you time and effort. To do that, our solution would have to be very reliable, and we would have to solve the setup time problem.

While other solutions have moved away from single tape feeders in favour of arrays of tape slots, many users have complained at how difficult this has made it to set up and change over jobs. We decided to pursue an economical feeder solution, which required our team to design an economical removable electronic feeder system from the ground up. It is our intention to enable owners of the Chipsetter ONE to own a sufficient number of feeders to put an end to time wasted swapping tape between feeders during a change-over. Chipsetter Tape Feeders can be easily loaded and unloaded from the Chipsetter ONE, making mechanical and electrical connections in one swift motion.


Alan Sawula
Founder & CEO

Randy Glenn
Electrical Lead

Gagan Singh
Mechanical Lead



Bernard Lim

Tom Richards

John Holland

Pete Lewis

Dan Mathers



Open Positions

It took a fantastic group of skilled and motivated team members to design and build the Chipsetter ONE, and now we're growing our team to bring our product to market. We are actively looking for new team members to fill roles ranging from Engineering to HR. 

Software Engineer

You will be responsible for the development of significant portions of the Chipsetter Application Software, including architecture, UI/UX design, image processing/machine vision, and facilitating beta-­testing sessions. Your goal is to develop software that is robust, yet simple enough for a child to use. You will also work closely with other members of the Chipsetter team, offering your abilities to allow the team to reach its collective potential. 



  • Product Vision and Lifecycle Planning with the Product Development Team 
  • Design and implementation of the Chipsetter Application Software. Refactoring existing code as required.
  • Development of quality control and stress test software for in­house production of machines.
  • User Experience Testing with potential customers Supervision and guidance of student team members. 



  • 3+ years C/C++
  • Strong grasp of OOP concepts
  • Experience with source control, code/design review processes
  • Excellent documentation, technical and non­technical communication skills Machine Vision Experience, OpenCV experience an asset 

Sales Lead

As Chipsetter prepares for its upcoming product launch, we are seeking a skilled and organized individual capable of leading our sales and marketing activities.



  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Development
  • Assess and optimize our current sales and marketing strategy.
  • Align objectives with the target market
  • Manage media relations.
  • Ongoing media relations, social media, website, and online presence.
  • Attend trade show events.
  • Supervision and guidance of student team members.



  • Sales and Marketing Experience
  • Experience writing website and marketing copy
  • Experience managing and coordinating with external teams


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