Our Future Plans (Kickstarter Update)

Dear Kickstarter Community,

Thank you so much for your support and your enthusiasm. The past 30 days have been an amazing experience for us. Even though we didn’t hit our funding goal, we’re as excited as ever for our next steps.

Our Vision 

At Chipsetter we believe there is a significant need for a better solution to assembling small batches of PCBs. We see desktop pick-and-place machines playing a major part of the solution, but only if they become easier to use and faster to set up.

We envisioned a solution that would help emerging inventors and design firms rapidly turn their ideas into amazing inventions, and contract manufacturers enhance their production capabilities.

We have created this solution, and we call it the Chipsetter ONE. 

What we’ve learned 

In the past month, we have had the pleasure of connecting with so many interesting people, each with a diverse set of experiences and use cases for the Chipsetter ONE. During the course of the campaign, product design and rapid prototyping firms told us how the Chipsetter ONE will help them serve their customers better. Contract electronics manufacturers told us how the Chipsetter ONE will help them to better allocate their production capacity, and better serve clients with small batches. Niche electronic product manufacturers told us how they can use the Chipsetter ONE to reduce cost and better control quality by bringing contract manufacturing in-house.

Whether they were Small to Medium Enterprises, Contract Manufacturers, Academic/Makerspaces or Prosumers/Startups, the feedback was the same: “Yes we want this! We would buy it today if you were shipping.”

We’ve heard you, and we’re taking steps to do just that.

Our next steps 

We will spend the next months raising funds from private investors and government grants to reach our next milestone of establishing production capability and early sales.

The team will also work towards building production capability in these next months so that that we can deliver the product on a similar timeline as outlined in the Kickstarter campaign.

Looking forward, we’re now in a position where we can adjust our strategy based on what we have learned, and the end result will be better for everyone.

Continue the journey with us 

We hope you will follow us on our journey by staying in touch with us through our website, and connecting with us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn

For backers of the T-Shirt and Badge items, we will be making those available outside of Kickstarter in the future. We will send you a Kickstarter message when we have more details.

Our Kickstarter campaign has been a great experience for us. We have learned a lot and we have met many amazing and supportive people. We have proven a significant demand for the Chipsetter ONE, and while our path to market has changed, our values and goals have not.

It has been our pleasure to connect with you, and receive your support. We can’t wait to make the Chipsetter ONE available to you.


Alan, Randy, Gagan, Matt, David, and Lisa