World Maker Faire NYC Recap

Wow! What a fantastic Maker Faire weekend.

Day 2 at World Maker Faire NYC 2016

Day 2 at World Maker Faire NYC 2016

Everyone loved watching the Chipsetter ONE. We had significant interest from University electronics lab managers, product design firms, teachers, and makerspace members. We were blown away by the constant stream of attendees telling us how important it was that we were addressing this problem.

Notable Accomplishments: 

  • Built 200 blinky badges, next time we’ll bring enough parts for 2000
  • We were awarded an Editor’s Choice Ribbon! 
  • We’ve passed 100 backers!

We also had a chance to meet up with old friends, and make some new ones! We saw:

Voltera - Alroy and Katarina were mesmerizing the crowd all day. These two know how to make hard work look easy. I had a chance to see the V-One and their printed PCBs which look amazing - we can’t wait to place components on them!

Wazer - The first desktop Waterjet is on Kickstarter right now. We had a chance to exchange stories with the Matt and Dan. These guys are really great, we love what they’re doing, and we wish them all the best.

Shaper - Shaper is a vision-assisted hand-held CNC router. As a CNC and machine vision geek, I really appreciate all of the hard work that makes this technology look and feel like magic. This evolution on the traditional router makes me really excited for the future where computers and humans each contribute their strengths to solve a problem. It was great to meet Noah and Ilan from Shaper.

Mr. Beam - Jens and Clemens came all the way from Munich, Germany - and we’re really glad they did. They were showing off the Mr. Beam II, their second generation desktop laser cutter, it sure looks slick. Check them out at

Maker Arm - Maker Faire is the place to see companies making complex products accessible to a broader audience, and Maker Arm is no exception. Their robot arm looks fantastic and we’re excited to see all the applications it unlocks.

Kickstarter - Kickstarter supports campaign creators not only during, but after the campaign as well. We were located right next to them and above mentioned fabrication companies - most of whom have reached their success with Kickstarter. Zach and Julio are awesome, they made it clear they were here to help. By supporting these companies, Kickstarter is helping us create a future where everyone can access the tools they need to build their dreams.

We would also like to give a big shout out to: 

  • Brian Benchoff (Hackaday). Great to meet you Brian. Thanks to your article in Hackaday, we’re able to connect with the people we set out to help. 
  • Chris Gammell (SupplyFrame / Contextual Electronics / The Amp Hour/ The Internet). Great to see you again Chris, we’re glad you liked what you saw. 
  • Erik de Bruijn (Ultimaker) - Thanks for all of your advice Erik. 
  • Jason Kridner (BeagleBoard) - Jason, always a pleasure. 
  • Patrick Kane (Cypress Semiconductor) - Thanks for your support, we will be in touch! 
  • Drew Fustini (BeagleBoard, Adafruit, OSH Park) - Great to see you again!

In the Press:


We were fortunate to be interviewed by Larra Morris from EE JournalFr. Robert Ballecer from TWiT, and Hari Adnani from Maker Junior. We will post those as they are published.

To everyone who was able to make it to World Maker Faire NYC, thanks for participating and making it a wonderful event. You can find us next at the Ottawa Maker Faire, October 15th and 16th at the Aberdeen Pavilion.


Alan, Randy, Gagan, Matt, David, and Lisa