Optimize Your Design While Reducing Lead Times

Few aspects of circuit board development are as tedious as placing electronics components by hand. Contractors can assemble small batches, but who has 2-4 weeks and $1000 to spend on each design cycle? 

The Chipsetter ONE is the first pick-and-place machine built to satisfy the needs of today’s electronics developers. Fast setup, accurate placement, and affordability make the Chipsetter ONE the tool to help developers overcome the final barrier to rapid circuit assembly. It’s time to take control of your assembly, and get to market faster.



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The Chipsetter ONE features two built-in cameras to ensure accurate placement of components as small as 0402s. A top-down camera inspects and corrects any misalignment in the circuit board, while the bottom-up camera inspects and corrects any misalignment of held components. 


Our low-cost feeders are a snap to attach anywhere on the machine, but how does the machine know where they are? Cameras! Our built-in camera system automatically detects feeder locations, sparing the operator from hours of tedious manual setup.


To solve the setup time problem we had to go back and re-think feeders. Our solution was an economical feeder design that uses mass-produced parts. The resulting solution allows you to own one feeder per reel in your inventory, making swapping reels in and out of feeders a thing of the past.



The Chipsetter ONE can pick and place components as small as 0402s and packages with 0.4mm pitch. Boasting a maximum component size of 30 x 30 x 13mm the Chipsetter ONE will be able to build your circuit board with no effort.

Large Build area with multiple PCB clamps 

With a 345 x 255mm maximum placement area, the Chipsetter ONE can handle your largest PCB designs. Simple and intuitive PCB clamps make it easy to assemble multiple boards at a time, lowering setup time and speeding up production.


Component sizes vary from tiny passives to large integrated circuits, the Chipsetter ONE solves this problem with a built in tool changer with 8 different sized nozzles. This optimizes workflow while minimizing user intervention.


Chipsetter ONE

Chipsetter ONE - $5,399 USD Save 10% on Pre-Orders (MSRP $5,999)

Additional Feeders - $99 USD (8mm, 12mm, 16mm or Vibrating Stick Feeder)


Up to 1250 component placements per hour

Two pickup heads for increased placement speed

8-position auto tool changer

Placement Specifications 

Top and bottom facing cameras

Board fiducial and component alignment

30 microns repeatability

Control software uses built-in cameras to automate system setup

Vision system

Handles components down to 0402 and as large as 30 x 30 x 13mm

Component SIZES

Removable electronic feeders in 8mm, 12mm and 16mm reel widths

Vibrating Stick Feeder for tubed components 

Up to 40 Tape and Reel Feeders

Up to 6 Cut Tape Trays enabling 30 individual segments of short cut tape

Accepts JEDEC and custom 3D printed trays

Feeders & Trays

Up to 345 x 255mm of usable placement area

Work Area

Control software reads BOM and centroid data from CSV format files, and communicates with the machine via standard USB interface


Machine Size - 860mm x 710mm x 545mm

Machine Weight - 80lbs

Pneumatic System - Quiet vacuum and positive pressure pumps are built in to remove the need for an air line


120/220 VAC

50/60 HZ

Windows 7 and up

Connectivity - USB

power and system requirements 

The Chipsetter ONE comes with a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


How the Chipsetter ONE Reduces Costs 


When developing a rapidly evolving design, the Chipsetter ONE in-house solution is both time and cost effective. Factoring in setup and per unit build costs, it’s not uncommon to spend upwards of $1,000 and 2-4 weeks through a PCB contract assembly service. The cost of the Chipsetter ONE can be recovered in approximately 5 development cycles, which may be encountered in the development of a single product.



No Need for Manual Programming 

There’s no manual placement programming here! Our software handles everything you need to build your boards. Once feeders are loaded, simply import your manufacturing data (Centroid and BOM files in .csv format) from your favorite EDA tool, and the Chipsetter ONE will take care of the rest.